various marketing mix components

There are so many ways to market a business in today's competitive landscape. How do you know which channel, product, or feature is going to be right for your specific business needs?

Our patent pending marketing mix software analyzes your specific business needs and determines where you should spend your marketing time and energy. We look at your business information and the marketing software algorithm determines how each of the following marketing components would benefit your specific needs.

The marketing mix components analyzed (in alphabetical order):

  1. Amazon Selling / Optimization
  2. Beacons
  3. Billboards
  4. Blog Content
  5. Chatbots / Help Center on Website
  6. Create & Distribute Case Studies
  7. Create & Distribute White Papers
  8. Create & Distribute Infographics
  9. Customer Loyalty Programs
  10. Customer Surveys
  11. Digital Signage
  12. Digital Video Creation
  13. Direct Mail Campaign
  14. Email Marketing Campaign
  15. Exterior Signage at Location
  16. Facebook Business Profile Optimization
  17. Foursquare Profile Optimization
  18. Giveaways
  19. Google AdWords Paid Search
  20. Google Analytics
  21. Google Data Studio
  22. Google My Business 360 Tours
  23. Google My Business Appointments
  24. Google My Business Local Service Ads
  25. Google My Business Posts
  26. Google My Business Profile Optimization
  27. Google My Business Q&A
  28. Google Optimize
  29. Google Pay
  30. Google Shopping Ads
  31. Google Surveys
  32. Google Tag Manager
  33. Groupon
  34. Host / Create A Conference Event
  35. Host / Create A Podcast
  36. Host / Create A Webinar
  37. Individual Store Pages For Each Location
  38. Influencer Marketing Partnership
  39. Instagram Profile Optimization
  40. Join Industry Association
  41. Join Local Chamber of Commerce
  42. LinkedIN Advertising
  43. LinkedIN Profile Optimization
  44. Listings Management Optimization
  45. Local Industry Magazine Ad
  46. Local Newspaper Ad
  47. Local Sponsorships
  48. Mailer Ads (i.e. mail stuffer coupons)
  49. Media Interviews
  50. Mobile Payments
  51. National Newspaper Ad
  52. Newsletter Marketing Campaign
  53. Nextdoor Advertising
  54. Nextdoor Profile Optimization
  55. Pinterest Advertising
  56. Pinterest Profile Optimization
  57. Press Releases
  58. Print Advertising
  59. Promotional Items With Logo / Branding
  60. Put A Testimonial Page On Website
  61. Radio Advertising
  62. Respond to Reviews
  63. Retargeting Ads
  64. Review & Reputation Management
  65. Spoitfy Advertising
  66. Social Media Content Strategy
  67. Social Media Monitoring
  68. Social Media Paid Search
  69. Solicit Customer Reviews & Feedback
  70. Speaking Engagements
  71. Store Locator Functionality / Map On Website
  72. Text Message Marketing Campaigns
  73. TV Advertising
  74. Twitter Advertising
  75. Twitter Profile Optimization
  76. Update / Create Business Cards
  77. Waze Ads
  78. Website Content Creation
  79. Website SEO
  80. Word Of Mouth Marketing
  81. Yellow Pages Ad
  82. Yelp Paid Advertising
  83. Yelp Profile Optimization
  84. Youtube Ads
  85. Youtube Channel Optimization

Do you know where you should focus your business marketing efforts?

What is your ideal marketing mix?

Tells us a few things about your business and we will send you a report that outlines where you should focus your marketing resources, time, and energy.